Paper anti stick / waterproof agent


    Vinyl terminated Silicone Fluid

    Product Code: ZZSILTM 205

    CAS No.:68083-19-2


    AppearanceColourless and odourless transparent oily liquid

    Specific Gravity0.97



    It is used as main raw material of addition type LSR, silicone potting material and silicone gel.

    It is used as modifier for silicone rubber compounds.

    Methylhydrogen Silicone Fluid

    Product Code: ZZSILTM 202

    CAS No.:68037-59-2

    Corresponding Brand:MHX-1107, KF-99,TSF-484


    AppearanceColorless transparent oily liquid

    Density (P25), g/cm30.98~1.10


    It is used as bridging agent, anti-yellowing agents and coupling agent in solidsilicone rubber- HTV. It is used as cross-linker of addition type LSR, which can form Si-C bond under Pt catalyst. It is used as water-proofing agent of water-proof clothing and water-proof plasterboard. Under the action of catalyst of metal salts, it can form a water-proof film on the surface. With function of insulation, it is used as surface treating agent of electrician class MgO. It is used as softener, repellent, hand feeling improver, lubricating agent in textile and apparel industry.

    Silanol terminated Dimethyl Silicone Fluid

    Product Code: ZZSILTM 207

    CAS No.:70131-67-8

    Corresponding Brand:PMX-0930



    It can be used as constitution controller of silicone rubber.

    It can be used as softing and anti-sticking of fiber, paper and leather.

    It also can be used for graft and modification.


    Product Code: ZHSILTM 0530

    CAS No.:2627-95-4

    Molecular Formula: (CH3)2 (CH2=CH)SiOSi (CH2=CH) (CH3)2

    Molecular Weight: 186.4



    It is used for raw material of LSR, addition type Silicone Rubber, Silica gel, Vinyl Silicone Fluid.