Phenyl Silicone Rubber (RTV)


    Product Code: ZZSIL™ 108
    CAS No.: 68951-93-9


    Appearance: Colorless transparent or white flowing liquid.


    Use of this product is common but 107 silicone rubber excellent electrical performance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance and other properties, 108-1 has good resistance to low temperature performance, 108-2 has better radiation resistance, erosion resistance and self-extinguishing. This product can be used for various electrical and electric components for potting material, and can be used for the impregnation of impression and the release material, binder a component. 108-1 at -120 ℃ low temperature condition with flexible, can be used for special purposes. Heat resistant additive 108-2 added with a certain volume, suitable for ablation resistant putty coating and encapsulation etc.